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Food Processing Equipment for Snack Bars & Health Bars

Commercial Snack &
Health Bar Equipment

Snack Bars & Health Bars are perhaps some of the fastest growing segments in the packaged food and snacks categories – and for good reason. They can be a tasty and quick snack, or healthy and nutritious, so active people on the go can simply grab one whenever they feel the urge or the need. Although Snack Bars are usually all about delicious flavors, good prices, and convenience for a younger demographic, Health Bars are typically made from nutrition packed foods such as nuts, raisins, and whole-grains. Health Bars pack a lot of vitamins and minerals into a small and often low calorie delicious product. They usually cost a little more, but they are worth it because of the types of ingredients they use.

Several varieties of Health Bars are made for specific market segments, such as Protein Bars for athletes and bodybuilders; energy bars for runners and bikers; and meal replacement bars for dieters and hikers. These items are usually sold at premium prices and carry higher mark-ups as well.

Production of these bars take highly specialized equipment – often different depending on the specific type of bar intended to produce – but here at Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC we have plenty of experience designing and creating just what is needed to produce excellent products at good prices, while maximizing profits for manufacturers.

If you’re contemplating the purchase of Commercial Snack or Health Bars Equipment you’ll find plenty of information on our site. If you need answers now, call us or contact us from one of the contact pages on this site now. If you’re interested in producing traditional cookies, take a look at our cookie production line information.


Food Processing Equipment for Snack Bars & Health Bars

If you are already producing, or you want to produce bars for sale, you’ll want to use the proper types of food processing equipment across your line. One important element in quality bar production is proper forming equipment. It’s a common misconception in the industry that some types of non-standard equipment, such as the Vemag (made to produce meat patties), will be “good enough” for producing quality bars.  Sadly, this is not the case. Using a Vemag will cause your product to be hard and over compacted. If you want to secure large contracts with the retail grocery chains, etc. the quality of your bars will have to be much better than what can be produced with a system like that. It’s best to start with a proper customized slabbing system that gives a significantly more tender final product.


Industrial Equipment for Snack Bar & Health Bar Production


Snack bars and health bars are some of the hottest products in our industry right now. Consumers love these products, and it seems they can’t get enough of them. And why not? They are convenient for people on the go, and they taste great. We’re so convinced that this is the time to get into snack and health bar production that we’ve not only made it a specialty of ours, but we’ve come out with our own line of registered and trademarked processes and equipment to support this evergreen and popular consumer trend. To find out more about this unique equipment and what it can do for your business visit our Formabar™ section. Visit this page for more information on quality industrial bakery equipment for sale.


Custom Food Equipment Manufacturer

Here at Bakery Technology Enterprises, as custom food equipment manufacturers for the Snack and Health Bar industry, we have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to bar production. As a growing segment in the baking industry, developing and making quality state-of-the-art equipment for the production of Health and Snack bars is one of our top priorities. Our hands-on experience however, goes way beyond equipment manufacture alone. We have strong practical knowledge in formulating, designing, and creating bars of all types. We know exactly what it takes to run a successful bar production line, and we can help with recipes, formulation, and even the sourcing ingredients and supplies. 

At BTE we care about the success of your business and brand. Do you have questions about the production of bars or similar food items? We’re here to help you and your company get up and running. If you’re expanding into the business of producing delicious and profitable Snack & Health Bars, we welcome you to draw on our experience. Give us a call or use one of the contact forms that can be found on our site.