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Commercial Dough Handling Equipment

Commercial Dough Handling Equipment

Since you’ve come to this page you’re more than likely looking for dough handling equipment for food processing, machines for food production, or dough handling equipment for baked goods production. You probably either produce food items for retail sale or mass distribution, or you are gearing up to do so. If this is the case, you’re in the right place. Wherever you are in the process of producing food or snack items, like health bars, snack bars, cookies, crackers, biscuits or other snack items, if you use dough handling equipment as part of your process, BTE designs and manufactures the equipment you need.

Our mixers are suitable for Bread, Biscuits, Rolls, Crackers, and Cookie Doughs, and more. We offer reliable and efficient mixing of raw materials so that you can be consistent throughout your process. When it comes to producing food products for mass consumption, consistency is the key to retaining customers and growing your sales.

As a company that has been building and supplying dough handling equipment for decades, BTE makes equipment that gets the job done right. From scale hoppers to bulk handling silo systems we’ve got you covered. No project is too big or small.

Industrial Dough Troughs

With our high quality, made-to-last, Industrial Dough Troughs, you can transport your prepared dough quickly from your mixers to your line for further processing or baking. Speed of transport at this stage of production is important so that your dough doesn’t sit around too long drying out or over-rising, and having negative impact on the quality of your product.

Although dough troughs may seem like an insignificant afterthought, having quality dough troughs on your line will help assure that production in your facility runs smoothly, and at a fast pace. Our dough troughs are custom made to your specifications from heavy gauge stainless steel with reinforced bottoms for longevity. Our large strong castors make maneuverability easy. Live bottom Dough Troughs are out forte.

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Dough Handling Equipment
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The use of automated dough handling equipment and systems enhance the quality and consistency of food manufacturing; speed up the production of the finished product; and help you save money on labor costs.

At BTE we have decades of experience in the food and baked goods industry; helping companies just like yours to produce quality goods for sale to retail outlets and end consumers. We’re happy to share our experience with our customers.

When you’re considering the purchase of dough handling equipment for your bakery or food production facility, talk to the experts at BTE. We’re happy to offer our assistance and engineering expertise in the manufacture of dough handling equipment and other types of food processing equipment and machines. Contact us via phone or one of our contact forms on this site to set up a consultation about your needs.

Commercial Dough Handling Equipment for Bakeries and Food Processing

In the food industry, particularly within the United States, commercial dough handling equipment is a cornerstone for bakery technology enterprises and food production facilities. As a commercial bakery equipment manufacturer with years of industry experience, we understand that managing labor costs and ensuring high quality in food products like cookie dough and snack items are crucial for industrial bakeries.

Our dough tech solutions are among the best investments a food business can make, offering innovative solutions to some of the most time-consuming tasks in the entire process of production. With various types of efficient equipment, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, we provide the right equipment that leads to better quality control and innovative solutions for dough handling. Whether you’re a small artisan bakery or a large industrial producer, our food production equipment represents a good option for enhancing your operations and delivering consistent results.