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Industrial ovens for commercial baked goods production facilities.

Industrial Tunnel Ovens for Sale

Tunnel ovens are essential tools for industrial and commercial food production, offering efficiency, consistency, and quality. There are different types of tunnel ovens, each suited for specific needs and requirements. BTE has 3 basic tunnel types, as well as hybrid ovens and original concepts, for various food products and industries. If you’re seeking quality Industrial Tunnel Ovens for Sale, you will be hard pressed to find better quality than what we provide, and the competitive prices we are known for.


Benefits of the Tunnel Oven

The main benefit of the tunnel oven is automation, which enables continuous and cost-effective production. Tunnel ovens are also designed for long-term use, enhancing their value over time.


Industrial Uses Other than Baked Goods

Tunnel ovens can be used for more than baked goods. We can also be configured for various purposes, such as drying and curing meat products, dehydrating fruits, and curing materials. BTE’s team of experts can create tailored solutions for unique applications.


Commercial Tunnel Ovens

Step into a realm of precision baking with Bakery Technology Enterprises, Inc. (BTE) and discover our exceptional range of commercial tunnel ovens. Engineered to meet the exacting needs of wholesale production, our Commercial Tunnel Ovens redefine the art and science of baking. BTE takes pride in being a front-runner in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the production of cookies, biscuits, and an array of baked goods to unprecedented levels.

As a premier commercial tunnel oven manufacturer, BTE’s commitment to excellence is manifested in every oven we craft. The BTE Classic Tunnel Oven, a flagship in our lineup, goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a dampener system for precise heat control and a design that ensures even baking. The result is a spectrum of products, from delightful cookies to robust biscuits, all achieved with efficiency and consistency. BTE stands as a beacon of innovation, providing not just ovens but a pathway to unparalleled success in the wholesale baking landscape. Our Commercial Tunnel Ovens for Sale beckon you to embark on a journey where each bake is a masterpiece and every oven signifies a commitment to quality, durability, and unmatched expertise.


Commercial Tunnel Oven Manufacturer

As a distinguished commercial tunnel oven manufacturer, BTE stands as a beacon of innovation and precision in the baking industry. Our commitment to excellence is woven into the fabric of every oven we produce. The BTE Classic Tunnel Oven, with its advanced dampener system for optimal heat control, exemplifies our dedication to surpassing industry standards. Crafted with top-quality materials and insulation, our tunnel ovens are renowned for their reliability, versatility, and industry-leading thickness. BTE is not just a manufacturer; we are architects of your bakery’s success, providing state-of-the-art solutions to elevate your wholesale baking operations.


Commercial Tunnel Ovens for Sale

Explore unparalleled possibilities for your wholesale bakery with BTE’s exceptional range of commercial tunnel ovens for sale. Our ovens are meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of high-volume production, offering efficiency, consistency, and advanced technology. At BTE, we understand that choosing the right commercial tunnel oven is crucial for achieving optimal results. Our diverse selection caters to a spectrum of baked goods, from delicate cookies to hearty biscuits. Whether you opt for the BTE Direct Fired Gas Tunnel Oven, ideal for cracker or sheeted-style products, or the BTE Classic Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven, designed for precise baking through re-circulating air technique, our ovens set the stage for unparalleled performance. Invest in BTE and propel your wholesale baking endeavors to new heights, where each oven represents a testament to quality, reliability, and unmatched expertise.


About Our Tunnel Ovens

BTE offers a range of tunnel oven options to cater to diverse production requirements. Although we have pre-designed tunnel ovens we also custom design and build tunnels to order. 


BTE Classic Tunnel Oven:

This oven is a versatile recirculating baking oven with a dampener system for precise heat control. It is made with high-quality materials and insulation. It can have single or dual burners, and various optional features, such as Lonox burners and PLC controls. It can bake a variety of products, from crackers to cookies.

The Classic Tunnel Oven has re-circulation fans that increase airflow and save heat energy. It also has directional dampers that improve the efficiency of the air distribution and make the oven easier to operate. The oven is well insulated and made with industry leading thickness.

The Classic Tunnel Oven can also be fitted with a shrink tunnel, which is a device that applies heat to the product to reduce its size or shape. This can be useful for packaging or sealing purposes. The shrink tunnel can have high-volume fans and exhaust fans to control the temperature and airflow.

BTE Direct Fired Gas Tunnel Oven:

This oven has direct fired gas burners for cracker or sheeted-style products. It has individual ignition and flame safety, and modular design for easy installation.

The Direct Fired Gas Tunnel Oven uses ribbon burners, each having individual ignition and flame safety. The oven has both separate top and bottom zones along with actual zoned linear sections. The oven is primarily for cracker or sheeted style products. Each oven may also have pre-heat options depending on product and criteria for baking. The oven comes in modular sections and includes burner and safety covers.

BTE Classic Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven:

This oven has recirculation fans and combustion chambers above each oven zone for indirect baking. It operates at high temperatures and has durable Aluminized bake chambers. It has telescoping support legs, inspection doors, and reinforced roofs for maintenance and cleaning.

The Classic Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven is designed with the recirculation fans and combustion chamber installed on top of each oven zone in the “penthouse” section. There is no flame directly in the product zone. Baking is achieved using a re-circulating air technique. The oven is heavily insulated for up to 650 °F operation.

The Bake Chambers in this oven are fabricated of heavy gauge Aluminized and each chamber is a unit-welded structure. Each chamber has Airflow Dispersion duct-work to ensure even baking. The roof of the tunnel oven is reinforced to support personnel for maintenance and cleaning duties. Inspection doors are provided in each zone of the oven. These doors allow access to the interior of the oven for inspection of product as it is on the line.


Industrial Tunnel Oven Features:

Efficiency: BTE tunnel ovens prioritize efficiency through features like recirculation fans, directional dampers, and high-density insulation. These elements help conserve heat energy, reduce heat loss, and optimize gas consumption.

Baking Band Conveyor: Products move through the oven on a solid band conveyor at controlled speeds.

Fans/Air Control: Recirculation blowers and exhaust fans are adjustable for airflow and moisture levels.

Burners: LoNox packaged oven burners provide wide process flexibility and safety.

Controls: Each oven zone has individual temperature control with digital operation and diagnostic lights.


Industrial Tunnel Oven Manufacturer – BTE

BTE is a world-class US Industrial Tunnel Oven Manufacturer that provides high-quality, trouble-free oven systems at competitive prices. We match the right type of oven with your production needs for optimal results.

Tunnel Ovens for Sale

When looking for industrial tunnel ovens for sale, consider having one built-to-order by BTE. This ensures compliance with standards and access to installation, warranty, and servicing.

Rebuilt and Refurbished Industrial Tunnel Ovens

If you already have an industrial tunnel oven on your line that may be older, but still has a few years left in it, you may want to contact BTE about industrial oven refurbishing. Take a look at our page on rebuilding and refurbishing to find out more about our capabilities.


Made-to-Order Industrial Tunnel Ovens by BTE

If your company produces baked goods, or other food products such as snack & health bars, or candy & confections, and you’re in the market for a quality made-to-order industrial oven system or an entire production line all the way through to packaging equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Go here to see our other commercial bakery equipment and food production lines.

Contact BTE at 931-490-1977 or through our website’s contact form to discuss your industrial oven needs or specific project. Let BTE’s experience and innovation drive your success in the food industry.

Industrial Tunnel Ovens for Sale

In the competitive landscape of bakery technology enterprises, the demand for new equipment that can enhance product quality and efficiency is ever-growing. As a leading commercial bakery equipment manufacturer with years of industry experience, we offer custom solutions to meet the diverse needs of the food industry. Our industrial tunnel ovens are a testament to this commitment, incorporating cutting-edge technology and modular design to fit the available space of any food production facility.

Our bte direct fired gas oven is a standout in the market, offering efficient equipment choices for industrial bakeries. These ovens are designed with actual zoned linear sections for temperature control, ensuring even baking and bottom heat distribution. The recirculation fans in the bake chambers maintain a consistent environment, crucial for the production of a wide range of food items.

We understand the importance of versatility in industrial equipment, which is why we provide hybrid ovens that operate on natural gas and feature free standing units with easy-to-use inspection doors. As an oem manufacturer, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering efficient equipment that adheres to the highest standards of food safety and performance.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or expand your product offerings, our industrial tunnel ovens are engineered to deliver consistent results and are one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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