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BTE Meat Grill

Are you looking to revolutionize your food production process with a high-quality commercial meat grill? Look no further than BTE’s exceptional line of meat grills designed specifically for the food production industry. Whether you’re a major player like Tyson or a local producer wholesaling packaged foods to distributors, BTE’s meat grills are the ideal solution to enhance your efficiency and product quality.

With BTE’s state-of-the-art commercial meat grills, you can take your food production to the next level. Our grills are meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding performance and consistent results, allowing you to meet the demands of large-scale operations. From perfectly seared steaks to mouthwatering burgers, our grills ensure a delightful sensory experience for your customers, every time.

Designed for durability and reliability, BTE’s meat grills are built to withstand the rigorous demands of the food production industry. Crafted from premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge technology, our grills offer long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Streamline your production process and maximize productivity with our robust and efficient meat grills.

Safety is of utmost importance in food production, and BTE understands that. Our meat grills are equipped with advanced safety features, including heat-resistant handles, temperature monitoring systems, and automatic shut-off mechanisms, ensuring a secure cooking environment. You can focus on your operations with confidence, knowing that BTE’s grills prioritize both performance and safety.

Efficiency and precision are key factors in large-scale food production, and BTE’s meat grills excel in both. With adjustable temperature control, even heat distribution, and precise cooking timers, our grills empower you to optimize your cooking process, reduce waste, and maintain consistency across your product line. Deliver exceptional taste and quality while meeting your production targets effortlessly.

Partner with BTE and experience the unparalleled performance and reliability of our commercial meat grills. Whether you’re a national food production giant or a local wholesaler, our grills will elevate your operations, enhance your product offerings, and drive customer satisfaction. Invest in BTE’s meat grills today and unlock the full potential of your food production endeavors.

New BTE Gas Fired Oven





Gas Fired Grill

Inventory No.:








Serial No.:



230 or 460v/3ph/60hz

Grill Type:

S.S. Angle


27’ Long x 42.5” Wide Chicken Grill




Major components & a description of the Oven is listed below:

  •     2-Zone Grill length 27’L x 42.5”W
  •      24 Fixed Telescoping Legs for Leveling the grill to the Floor
  • Grill is 304 Stainless Steel
  • Insulation is High Temperature Rockwool Type (300mm sides, 250mm top, 130mm 


  • Up to 950 Grill Slates constructed of 304 S/S

.       Chain Guide rail will be bolted on with 1-1/4” shafts studs bolted to the 10” S/S C-Channel

  •      Two (2) Packaged Burner Assemblies (Burners Top & Sides will be enclosed)
  •      Two (2) Complete Gas Trane Assemblies
  •      Exterior Skin is 304 Stainless Steel
  • Bottom Floor has 6 drain holes
  •      12 Insulated side removable panels for cleaning (*3 each side included)

.       All top 16 gauge SS Panels are removable

  • Includes UL Listed Components Control Panel with Temperature Controls and High

        Temperature Limits

.       Refer to new print with updated changes from previous rill manufactured by BTE (located in 



  • Conveyor Speed: 10-50 FPM
  • Range Oven Air Temp.: 100-800 Degrees Fahrenheit             
  • Burner BTU’s: 1.2 Million BTU’s each Burner
  • Electrical Power Required:  UL

The Grill will be fully assembled fully assembled in one module that will fit trucking. Field wiring, Gas Drops and Exhaust will be installed onsite and part of installation. Exhaust Pipe & Field wiring materials are not included and will be quoted separate.


Each Oven Zone is furnished with a packaged Maxon 415 burner assembly (*changed from 412 see MISC). Each assembly includes all parts and safety devices necessary for control and safety supervision. The 40 to 1 firing turndown ratio provides wide process flexibility. Burner assemblies are pre-piped and pre-wired in easy to install modules. Each burner has a locally, mounted NEMA 4 junction box, combination blower air-inlet filter, air and gas mixing system, pilot flame system, spark ignition, flame detector and discharge sleeve. Each burner chamber has safety blow off panels. The gas train & safeties meet or exceed NFPA 86. Each Blower will have a Noise Shield.


  1. Temperature Controls

All zones of the oven are individually controlled for a temperature range of 100°F to 650 °F. Each is digitally operated, which receives a signal from a thermocouple mounted in the supply air stream. This digitally controls the fuel supply valve to maintain the design set point temperature.

  1. Control Panel

One Control Panel is provided for the system. The Panel is powder coated mild steel.  The components are Allen Bradley or other main brand for UL. The unit is pre-wired and free standing, complete with burner ignition and flame safety monitoring systems with diagnostic lights. The Panel is completely factory wired internally and tested prior to shipment, minimizing technical problems in the field. OVEN PANEL WILL BE UL LISTED COMPONENTS.