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Manufacturers of Extruders and Depositors for Baked Production.

Commercial Extruders and Depositors

Commercial extruders and depositors are types of forming machines that are used on baked goods or industrial food production lines to measure out and place the proper amount of batter, dough, or mixed raw product onto a belt, or into pans or cups, before moving them into an oven or onto the next step in the process of producing consumable products.

A depositor may also measure and/or work in conjunction with some type of cutting machine for producing bread, cookies, biscuits, bars, or similar food items. On the other hand, an extruder will typically squeeze out the proper amount of raw batter or other uncooked product onto its position in the production line, and can be used to create decorative swirls, ridges, or other unique patterns on the surface of cookies, biscuits, and similar products that are being made. We supply all solutions depending on your needs.

The type of product you wish to produce will determine the type of forming machine, extruder, or depositor you will need to use on your production line.


Manufacturers of Industrial Extruders and Depositors for Baked Production

If you’re searching for US based manufacturers of industrial extruders and depositors for baked production, you’ll be happy to know that the people at BTE are here to supply you with the proper type of equipment for the job at hand. It’s what we do. We’ve been making this type of equipment for some of largest baked goods producers in the US for long enough to know just what you need to get your product made, and exactly how to manufacture it to your needs and/or your specifications.

Industrial Extruders and Depositors for Sale

You may currently be looking for industrial extruders and depositors for sale for immediate order or for a future project. Here at BTE we are manufacturers of made-to-order extruders, depositors, and other industrial forming machines. We typically sell new equipment. We also rebuild equipment of this type for companies that are not yet ready to buy new equipment and already have equipment that will suffice. So if you’re looking for new equipment, we’ve certainly got you covered. If however you have other needs, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to let you know if we can help. You may also click here to see our other commercial bakery equipment and food production lines.

Rebuilding and Re-manufacturing Industrial Extruders and Depositors

When it comes to rebuilding and re-manufacturing extruders and depositors or other commercial bakery and industrial food production equipment, that’s where we shine. Our rebuilding and refurbishing department handles these types of jobs every day. Do you have a specific problem you’d like to discuss with an expert in the field? Run it by us. More than likely we can help.

BTE for Made-to-Order Industrial Extruders and Depositors

When you’re ready to order a custom made-to-order industrial extruder or depositor — or most any kind of commercial or industrial baked goods equipment — be sure to consider BTE. We know you’ll be glad you did. We’re looking forward to knowing you, and having you as another happy lifetime BTE customer.