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Here at Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC (BTE), we design, manufacture, sell, and install high quality bakery equipment and machines for the food processing industry. If you're looking for industrial bakery equipment for sale, you're absolutely in the right place. Buying pre-made equipment is not always the best way to go. In many cases, buying custom-made equipment is a smarter solution. We create, build, install, and service everything we sell. If you need preparation, baking, or packaging equipment for use in the manufacture and production of any kind of baked goods or food items, let us know.

Our customers produce cookies, biscuits, bars, and baked goods of all types for large-scale national and international sale to end consumers. If you're a manufacturer of quality baked goods or other food items for local or national sales and distribution we have decades of experience producing the type of equipment you use. And, we sell them at a prices you'll find to be very competitive. But we all know there's more to value than just good prices. That's why we do what it takes to provide value to our customers.

When we manufacture bakery equipment for sale, we control all aspect of the work that is done - from design to creation, and everything in between. We have experts in all aspects of equipment production, all under one roof, working together to produce products that work as they should and outlast similar equipment. Put our experience to work for you.

Just give us a few details about what types of products you want to produce, the amount of product you aim to put out each day, how much space you have, etc., and our experienced engineers will design equipment that will  work for you and fit your needs perfectly. After the design phase, our expert craftsmen will forge and build a fine-tuned masterpiece of equipment that will be built to perform properly from the first time you use it, and generate sales and income for years to come. Once your equipment is built, we can even handle the delivery and be there to do the installation. We actually prefer it that way. That way we can insure that everything is installed correctly and working properly and as expected.

As always, we aim to be your "One Stop Shop for Food Processing Solutions."

Custom Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Bakery and food processing equipment are very closely related. If you're looking for industrial food processing equipment for the production of food items like confectioneries, chocolates, coatings, nutritional items, or snack foods, you're in the right place. Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC makes food processing equipment for wholesale food processing companies for the creation of all these items and more. Do you need a specialized hard to find piece of food processing machinery? In most cases we can build it for you.

Are you looking for a single hard-to-find piece of equipment for your food processing production line? Maybe you need an entire system from Mixers to Ovens and then on to final Packaging Equipment. We can provide all your needs and more. We've put together systems for some of the biggest baked-goods and food processing companies in the U.S. Let our team of equipment experts use our extensive knowledge and experience to make your facility run like a clock - on time and on target every day - producing and selling great tasting products that keep your customers coming back for more. Just tell us what you need or what you want to produce, and we'll design and manufacture a system that will fit your needs perfectly.

Industrial Bakery Equipment for Sale

Are you looking to order new equipment for your growing baked-goods business? Are you opening a new industrial baking facility and need an end-to-end system set up? BTE is a trusted and well-known provider of industrial bakery equipment and baking lines across the US. Are there other types of bakery machines you're trying to locate? Learn about our custom manufactured industrial baking equipment through this site's navigation at top of each page on this site, or at the bottom of this page listed under "Equipment Information." If you're looking for a quote or ready to get started ordering your bakery equipment online; click the big blue "Get a Quote" button on each of the equipment pages; click below under "Quote & Order Forms, to get to an online order form; or give us a call at 931-490-1977 for more personal attention. If you use one of our online forms a representative will contact you with any questions we may have, and we'll provide you with a competitive quote as quickly as possible.


Commercial Bakery Equipment Manufacturer - BTE

If you need a new piece of commercial bakery equipment for your line you want it to work correctly with your existing equipment. As bakery equipment manufactures and designers we are experts at integrating your new purchase with what you already have. We understand that your entire system has to work together smoothly. Efficient food and baked goods production is all about having smooth running equipment and ovens, that put out product without down-time due to problems, issues, or breakage. Mismatched equipment that just doesn't seem to want to work with the other parts of your production line will be a thing of the past when you work with BTE.

One of the reasons we're so good at integrating equipment is because of our expertise in rebuilding refurbishing & re-manufacturing used and pre-owned machines and systems for our many customers. Although we'd love to see you buy all new equipment from us, we know that there are times when it's a good idea to rebuild an existing piece. If rebuilding your bakery equipment is what you have in mind, just let us know and we'll be more that happy to bring your old workhorses up to spec, and make them work right with new equipment.

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