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Quality and efficient mixers and blender for food production.

Industrial Mixers and Blenders

Industrial Mixers and Blenders are at the heart of almost all baked goods and food processing production. This is where raw ingredients are mixed or blended into what will become the final product. Whether your process requires dry blending, the blending of moist or sticky ingredients, the blending of batters and sauces, or the blending of ingredients for various kinds of dough, you’re going to need quality reliable and efficient mixers or blenders on your line.

There are several types of mixers used in the production of food products. Double Sigma Arm Mixer, Slurry Mixer, and Double Arm Mixer are but a few of the various types of mixes we specialize in here at BTE.

BTE Double & Single Arm Sigma Mixers

“Quality, Reliable, Efficient Mixers “

These mixers can make an array of products such as wire-cut cookies, cakes, donuts, creams, muffins, bars, and more. They have been updated for 2022 to handle all the newest and most popular consumer products being sold in stores today. 

Reinforced to handle tough Protein Bars, Gelatin or Collagen mixes, or other tough blends.

  • Available in double or single Sigma Arms
  • Open frame design for easy sanitation
  • Capacities range from 150 lbs to 2,400 lbs
  • Quality direct drive SEW or NORD motors & gear boxes
  • VFD or two speed motors controls optional
  • Allen Bradley plc and Touch screen available
  • Save up to 99 recipes

Commercial Mixers for Bread and Rolls

Commercial mixers for bread and rolls are different than mixers for other products in that they must incorporate some type of system that replaces the old fashioned manual kneading process while thoroughly and completely mixing all the ingredients. This is often accomplished by using more than one speed in the kneading process. However, there are several methods and options for the industrial mixing of dough for bread and rolls. One of our experts will be happy to consult with you to decide what the best options would be for your particular type of operation.

Commercial Mixers for Biscuits,
Crackers & Cookie Dough

Biscuits, crackers, and cookies have always been a mainstay for the baking industry. Along with an industrial oven that is built to high standards, a quality mixer is an integral piece of equipment that will help to determine the consistency, texture, and even the taste of your final products.

Once again there are several options in mixers for Biscuits, Crackers and Cookie Dough. Before deciding what’s best for your operation, make sure to discuss the options with one of our representatives.


Industrial Mixers for Health Bars

With the health bar and snack bar segment of our industry being as hot as they are, more companies are looking for industrial equipment to produce health bars. Producing health bars requires using mixers that are capable of mixing dried fruits and nuts together with a sweet binding agent such as honey. The end product needs to be a homogeneous blend of delicious and mostly natural ingredients, without breaking the costly nuts into smaller pieces. In order to accomplish this, the engineering and developing team at BTE has developed a new line of industrial mixers specifically for health bars. Click for our other commercial bakery equipment and food production lines.

Industrial Mixer and Blender Manufacturer

At BTE we’ve built our reputation on providing quality mixers and blenders to the baking and food processing industry. As an experienced Industrial Mixer and Blender Manufacturer we’ve been providing quality food production equipment collectively for decades and have a passion for using our expertise to help our customers make the best choices in their equipment purchases.

Along with our lines of industrial mixers and blenders be sure to consider our other equipment for your production line. From forming to dough handling, from extruders and depositors to industrial ovens, and all the way to packaging equipment, BTE has got you covered with quality equipment that’s made to produce delicious food and snack items, while keeping costs down and production high.

Industrial Mixers & Blenders for Sale – Buy Professional Bakery Equipment

With decades of experience in the bakery industry, our company offers a wide range of industrial mixers and blenders designed to meet the needs of any wholesale bakery. Our product offerings include a variety of types of mixers such as planetary mixers, which are perfect for making cookie dough and other bakery products in an effective manner.

Our mixers and blenders are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring food safety and durability in food production facilities. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of equipment to handle a particular type of product, our team of experts with years of industry experience can guide you through the production process.

We understand that every bakery has unique needs, which is why we offer customized solutions to streamline your production. Trust in our product offerings to enhance your bakery’s capabilities in an efficient and effective manner.