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Quality Food Packaging Equipment for companies.

Food Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

At BTE we manufacture and sell quality Food Packaging Equipment for companies that produce and sell food items such as biscuits, cookies, health bars, snack items, and more.

If you’re in the business of mass producing food items for public consumption you’re going to want to be sure that your products are going out in packages that not only look great, and keep your products fresh, but that are designed to minimize shrinkage and returns from accidental opening, or easy pilferage. To do this correctly, reliably, and efficiently you’re going to need equipment that is built to the high standards you’ll find at BTE.

Our fully automated food packaging equipment lines mean less labor costs and increased output for your operation. Our state-of-the-art packaging machines and automation systems will make your operation more flexible and cost efficient.

Commercial Food Packaging Equipment

Although Commercial Food Packaging Equipment is used in the final steps of the creation of your products, the importance of this equipment should be taken very seriously. The quality of equipment at this end of your production line puts the finishing touches on everything else you do to create a great product.

At BTE we have the capabilities to provide you with just about any kind of packaging equipment you’re going to need. We manufacture horizontal baggers, Tray Formers, Case Formers, Cartoning Machines, Vertical Baggers and can create the custom solutions your business may need. Look here to see our other commercial bakery equipment and food production lines.


Food Packaging Machines

We custom design and manufacture all our food-packaging machines to your individual needs or specifications. Whether your line requires horizontal or vertical packaging equipment, we can make it for you. Do you need an unusual solution? Draw on our decades of experience for the creation of unique and productive solutions to your food packaging needs.

Let our experienced engineering team design and develop packaging machines that will work properly in your new or existing production line. Proprerly designed and built equipment will insure that the packaging of your products is done in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Bag sealing often requires bringing odoriferous and potentially noxious compounds into the close proximity of food products. At BTE we deal with, and solve issues like these all the time for our customers. Our ability to solve production problems like these are just another reason to work with an experienced company like BTE that cares about your success.

Case sealing comes with it’s own set of challenges, including keeping costs down and production up. Rest assured that all this and more is taken into consideration by the experts at BTE when we design and manufacture equipment or machinery for your company.

Food Packaging Systems

Whether you need one piece of equipment for your line, an entire food packaging system, or several systems for multiple production lines, BTE would like to offer our services. We serve the food production industry with solutions from consulting to engineering – manufacturing to integrating, and anywhere else we can be of service.

Contact us by phone at 931-490-1977, click the link below, or through one of the many contact forms you’ll find throughout our site. We’re more than happy to help you get your questions answered, and to provide solutions for your baked-goods and food production needs.