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Cookies, crackers and biscuits are mainstays of the baking industry. They are among the first cooked foods ever made by man, and not only continue to be a favorite until the present time, but will be around for centuries to come. With the cookie industry being an $8 Billion category, it seems cookies have been rising in popularity since the beginning of time. From breakfast cookies and biscuits to cream filled berry topped swirled creations and beyond, these long time favorites are not only selling at a great pace, but are evolving and creating new opportunities for commercial producers everywhere.

With the “better-for-you” shift in foods that is being driven by the millennials, come new opportunities for cookie, cracker, and biscuit manufacturers across the US and around the world. As delicious as they can be, cookies are no longer simply an indulgence. The inclusion of new and exotic seeds, fruits, nuts, or extracts from nontraditional plants and crops, have new and existing manufacturers of cookies, crackers, and biscuits creating unique and exciting products that consumers are enthusiastic to try.


According to Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery “If you can provide the market with a clean-label product with health benefits and a great taste, you’re likely to pique the interest of today’s consumer.”



Cookie Production Line Maufacturer

Chocolae Chip Cookie LineHere at bakery technology Enterprises, LLC, we began our business with the cookie cracker & biscuit industry in mind. We’ve been making equipment for cookie production lines since our beginning, and we’ll be supporting this industry for a long time to come. We’ve created many new innovations for the cookie production industry, and we’ll continue to innovate and create better and more cost effective methods of production as the industry changes and evolves.

As a cookie production line manufacturer for the cookie and baked goods production industry BTE is here to provide all of your equipment needs from design, creation, and manufacture to installation, maintenance, and service. We can even help you with recipe development. When it comes to setting up a cookie production line we are truly your one stop shop.



Commercial Bakery Equipment for Cookie Production

From industrial tunnel ovens to industrial food packaging equipment and everything in between BTE provides bakery equipment for cookie production to medium large national cookie and biscuit manufacturers across the United States and beyond. We design, develop and manufacture everything you’ll need to create a profitable production line. Visit our pages on Forming, Dough Handling, Cooling Systems, Mixers & Blenders, and Extruders & Depositors to find out more.

When you’re purchasing bakery equipment for commercial cookie production, and you’re looking for a US based equipment manufacturer that offers top quality made-to-order and made-to-last equipment for cookie production, you’ll certainly want to take a close look at what BTE has to offer.

Contact us to let us know your production needs. We’ll be happy to help you develop a streamlined, complete production line, which will produce great looking and great tasting products efficiently and on budget for many years to come.

At BTE our goal is not to be biggest baked goods equipment manufacturer in the world, but to be the best.


Cookie Line Maufacturer

BTE has been a well known cookie line manufacturer for more than 2 decades. We're experts at engineering, building, rebuilding and creating custom cookie lines for companies just like yours. Put our expertise to work for you. Look over our site and contact us when you're ready to produce the finest in cookies, crackers, and biscuits.