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Industrial Ovens for Baked Goods Production

Tunnel Ovens

There are several different types of tunnel ovens being used in today's modern industrial and commercial bakery and food production facilities around the world. Each type of tunnel oven has its own benefits and uses. Each tunnel oven must also be tuned or made to do it's job perfectly for various foods and food types. The proper tunnel oven type needs to be to be used for each required job. Outstanding products can be produced with the right oven, and the right formula.

BTE has 3 basic tunnel types which are used based on certain considerations such as protein content, moisture content, etc. We also build hybrid ovens and original concepts for our many clients in the food industry in the USA and around the world.


Benefits of the Tunnel Oven

The biggest benefit of the tunnel oven over more traditional batch ovens is the fact the production of product can be automated easier and is also continuous without having to stop. Automation means more production in less time often using less payroll. That means more profit for the manufacturer, and it also reduces the real cost of the equipment dramatically over time.

Industrial Uses Other than Baked Goods

Tunnel ovens are not only used for baked goods, they are used in other industries as well. Tunnel ovens can be configured and used for producing dried and cured beef and meat products such as jerky, as well as dehydrated products such as dried fruits. They are also used for curing products such as baked enamel and automotive parts. Do you have a special use in mind? let's discuss it. Our in-house experts and technicians are ready to exceed your expectations. 


BTE Tunnel Ovens

BTE Classic Tunnel Oven:

The BTE Classic Tunnel Oven is more than a typical recirculating baking oven, the classic has the capability to bake many types of products because it includes as standard a dampner system that controls top and bottom heat directly and indirectly, along with a balance adjustable plenum system for side to side even baking. The classic is #4 mill finish S.S. on the inner chamber and 14 GA aluminized metal. The classic is well insulated and made with high quality materials and with industry leading thickness.

Our classic tunnel oven can also be fitted with single or dual burners for each oven zone. The zone length can be from 30’ to 70’ and from 24” to 60” band or mesh width to accompany all types of industrial and commercial baking needs. Many options are available of this type of tunnel oven to increase versatility. Lonox burners may be requested if required to meet local codes. We are very knowledgeable concerning combustion systems and state of the art Lonox burners.

The classic tunnel oven can be fitted with standard controls with manual dampners or as an option PLC controls with Servo Motor driven dampers. Each zone is divided into 2 top and 2 bottom dampners to ensure continuous heat flows for better baking profiles. The BTE Classic Tunnel Oven meets NFPA 86 codes and comes in pre-assembled units for ease of installation.

The BTE Classic Tunnel has been proven in the manufacturer of bakery cookies, crackers, biscotti’s, brownies, cakes, fig bars, pan backed protein bars, and cheese sticks, rotary molded products, wirecut products, extruders and sheeted products, etc. This oven is able to produce high bake crackers to the softest cookies any manufacturer could want.

THE BTE Direct Fired Gas Tunnel Oven:

The BTE Direct Fired gas tunnel oven has direct fired gas burners. The DFG ovens use ribbon burners, each having individual ignition and flame safety. The BTE DFG oven has both separate top and bottom zones along with actual zoned linear sections. The DFG ovens are primarily for cracker or sheeted style products. Each BTE DFG oven may also have pre-heat options depending on product and criteria for baking. The DFG ovens come in modular sections and include burner and safety covers. They are excellent at doing the job they are designed for.

BTE Classic Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven:

The BTE Classic Indirect Fired Tunnel Oven is designed with the recirculation fans and combustion chamber installed on top of each oven zone in the "penthouse" section. There is no flame directly in the product zone. Baking is achieved using a re-circulating air technique. The oven is heavily insulated for up to 650 °F operation.

The Bake Chambers in this oven are fabricated of heavy gauge Aluminized and each chamber is a unit-welded structure. Each chamber has Airflow Dispersion ductwork to ensure even baking. Telescoping support legs are field welded in place after final installation and alignment. The roof of the tunnel oven is reinforced to support personnel for maintenance and cleaning duties. Inspection doors are provided in each zone of the oven. These doors allow access to the interior of the oven for inspection of product as it is on the line.

Our Industrial Tunnel Oven Features:

All our tunnel ovens are shipped fully assembled in modules that will fit trucking.

More Efficient Heating
• The recirculation fan increases airflow thereby saving loss of heat energy which saves on gas consumption.
• Directional dampers improve the efficiency of the air distribution and makes the
oven easier to operate and improves control for a more consistent bake.
• Heat loss is reduced as well by using high-density insulation, high temperature rock wool batting in place of loose fill. The outer shell affords fewer opportunities for heat to escape and offers an easy to clean surface for easier maintenance. Both the exhaust fan and burner gas train are prewired. The re-circulating fan has been designed so replacement is inexpensive.

Our tunnell ovens are designed for faster, simpler installation. Modular in design, the BTE Classic model is installed in half the time it took for older models.

The product is conveyed through the Oven Body on a 48” wide solid band, at controlled speeds of up to 50 FPM (Feet Per Minute). The band is driven & travels by drum ends on the Drive & Take-up. The band is driven by a variable frequency drive motor.

The recirculation blower returns the air and is controlled by a dampening system on the oven to allow change in airflow for different products. One (1) exhaust fan per zone is supplied to balance the system and to remove moisture-laden air as needed. This fan exhausts to the exterior

The fans are designed for high temperature continuous operation. Each have easy to service fixed speed, guarded belt.

Each Oven Zone is furnished with a LoNox packaged oven burner assembly. Each assembly includes all parts and safety devices necessary for control and safety supervision. The 40 to 1 firing turndown ratio provides wide process flexibility. Burner assemblies are pre-piped and pre-wired in easy to install modules. Each burner has a locally, mounted NEMA 4 junction box, combination blower air-inlet filter, air and gas mixing system, pilot flame system, spark ignition, flame detector and discharge sleeve. Each burner chamber has safety blow off panels. The gas train & safeties meet or exceed NFPA 86.

A. Temperature Controls
All zones of the oven are individually controlled for a temperature range of 100°F to 650 °F. Each is digitally operated, which receives a signal from a thermocouple mounted in the supply air stream. This digitally controls the fuel supply valve to maintain the design set point temperature.

B. Control Panel
One Control Panel is provided for the system. The Panel is powder coated mild steel. The components are Allen Bradley. The unit is pre-wired and free standing, complete with burner ignition and flame safety monitoring systems with diagnostic lights. The Panel is completely factory wired internally and tested prior to shipment, minimizing technical problems in the field.



Industrial Tunnel Oven Manufacturer - BTE

Industrial Tunnel OvensAs a world-class US Industrial Tunnel Oven Manufacturer, BTE is dedicated not only to manufacturing all of the types of ovens that our industry requires, but also to providing the highest quality, most trouble free systems available. And we do it at a cost that is extremely reasonable at this level of excellence. Making sure that our lines contain the proper type or types of ovens for the desired output is also extremely important to us, and to our clients and customers.


Tunnel Ovens for Sale

If you’re looking for industrial tunnel ovens for sale, you’re going to find that having one built-to-order is often the best way to go, unless you are planning to buy used or refurbished. Buying from a US manufacturer such as BTE is the best way to insure that your purchase is up to US government and local food production standards. It’s also a good idea to know that the company that sells the oven to you can also install, warranty, and service your oven right in your facility.

Rebuilt and Refurbished Industrial Tunnel Ovens

If you already have an industrial tunnel oven on your line that may be older, but still has a few years left in it, you may want to contact BTE about industrial oven refurbishing. Take a look at our page on rebuilding and refurbishing to find out more about our capabilities.

Industrial Tunnel Ovens, Made-to-Order by BTE

If your company produces baked goods, or other food products such as snack & health bars, or candy & confections, and you’re in the market for a quality made-to-order industrial oven system or an entire production line all the way through to packaging equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Go here to see our other commercial bakery equipment and food production lines.

Call us at 931-490-1977, or contact us from one of the many forms you’ll find on our site. We’ll be happy to discuss your projects in more detail, and let you know how we can be of assistance in helping you put together an industrial oven system that works for you -- or an entire production line that can revolutionize your business and your profits.


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