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BakeTek™ Continuous Baking System For Cookies

BTE, LLC has emerged as a quality industrial bakery equipment manufacturer. We serve the baking & food processing industry with high-quality custom engineered industrial bakery oven systems. With more than 45 years of Industry experience - we design and manufacture quality custom-made ovens for the production of quality products. BTE developed the BakeTek™ brand to encompass all systems including cookies, crackers, and biscuits. Allow us to work for you by purchasing a custom system direct from the manufacturer that fits your space and needs, from a company that understands genuine and lasting quality equipment, which is what BakeTek™ stands for.

Components of the BakeTek™ Cookie System:

  • Automated or manual Dough Handling Systems
  • Adjustable head Wirecut/Depositor can make cookies, Co-extruded bars, etc.  Spritz attachment for fancy cookies
    Rotary Moulder for cookies with designs i.e. sandwich cookies
  • Bake-Tek™ Indirect Oven system (infeed/ discharge etc.)
  • Automated Feed systems, Pack off and distribution conveyors
  • Vibratory Take-off Knife/Band cleaning system
  • Spiral Conveyor (Ambient/Refrigerated)
  • Packaging
  • Individual Components Can Be Purchased Separately
  • Existing Systems Can Be Integrated

BakeTek Line T


“BakeTek™ is designed to produce excellent results even with high-protein ingredients. BTE, has a tremendous amount of experience in this area.”


BakeTek™ Continuous Baking System for Crackers

The BTE Direct Fired Gas Oven: What sets the Cracker line apart from the Cookie line is that crackers need a sheeting line and a Direct Fired Oven (DFG). The DFG ovens are primarily for cracker or sheeted style products. The BTE Direct Fired gas oven has direct fired gas burners. The DFG ovens use ribbon burners - each having individual ignition and flame safety. The BTE DFG oven has both separate top and bottom zones along with actual zoned linear sections. Each BTE DFG oven may also have preheat options depending on product and criteria for baking. The DFG ovens come in modular sections and include burner and safety covers.

Components of the BakeTek™ Cracker System:

  • Automated or manual Dough Handling Systems
  • Laminator (For Saltine Type Flaky Crackers)
  • 3- Roll Pre-Sheeter
  • 3 Gauging Stations (Primary, Secondary, and Finish)
  • Relaxing Conveyor
  • Dual Head Rotary Cutting Station
  • Optional Rotary Moulder
  • Salter/Sifter Conveyor
  • Panning Conveyor
  • Direct Fired Oven or Hybrid oven
  • Vibratory Take-off Knife
  • Spiral Conveyor (Ambient/Refrigerated)
  • Pack-off and Distribution Conveyors, Automated Feed Systems
  • Packaging
  • Individual Components Can Be Purchased Separately
  • Existing Systems Can Be Integrated

BakeTek™ Sheeting Line