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We are Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC. We serve the baking & food processing industries with high-quality custom engineered industrial bakery ovens & machinery, and industrial food processing equipment.  We create, manufacture, ship, support, and service top quality equipment that produces consistent, cost efficient, and delicious results. Our equipment is designed and created to provide quality output at reasonable prices - supporting superior ROI for commercial bakeries and food processing facilities that demand quality and profitability. Improve your company's bottom line - buy direct from the manufacturer that understands genuine and lasting quality. Buy from Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC and watch your customer satisfaction and profits increase.
We build equipment for use by industrial food production companies who produce food and snack items for sale at retail grocery chains, food service chains, and state food supply chains. If you are a large, medium, or start-up company that produces wholesale food and snack items for end-user consumption and enjoyment, we can provide you with the information, technology, know-how, and equipment you need to make the best products possible.
At BTE, we design and manufacture custom-made industrial ovens, tunnel-ovens, and rotary ovens for the production of all types of baked-goods, such as cookies, crackers, and biscuits. As an experienced cookie production line manufacturer we design and produce entire cookie lines from the first stages all the way through to packaging. In addition to tunnel ovens of all types and sizes we also design and manufacture all the industrial equipment that is necessary to run a wholesale food processing plant or baked goods production-line. We manufacture and install all types of custom-made commercial bakery equipment and food processing equipment for forming, dough handling, cooling systems, mixers & blenders, packaging equipment, extruders & depositors, and more. If you need it in your operation we will design it and make it for you.
In addition to baking equipment we also design and manufacture automatic and semi-automatic food processing equipment for the production of snack bars, health bars, confectioneries, chocolates, coatings, nutritional items that incorporate powder and press lines, snack foods, cereals, and even frozen foods such as bread dough. With the current growth in snack and health bar sales, BTE has positioned itself at the forefront of technology in this area, with several new innovations that will help your company produce higher quality products, faster and with better margins. See our FORMABAR™ line for more information.
Our job at BTE does not end with the design and production of quality food processing equipment. We also deliver and install the equipment we make. If you need a piece of new equipment integrated into your existing system, we can handle that for you as well. If you have an older piece of equipment that needs to be rebuilt, refurbised, or re-manufactured before being integrated, we have a department that specializes in doing just that. If some of your equipment needs service, we have you covered there as well. 
When it comes to equipment for the production of baked goods or food processing equipment for the production of many kinds of food and snack items, think of Bakery Technology Enterprises, LLC. We truly are your "One Stop Shop for Food Processing Solutions."